Yash Raj

John Proser, an Apple insider on Monday (April 4, 2020) tweeted images showcasing a change in the design of the upcoming iPhone 12. According to the leaks, the speaker that is currently placed within the notch on iPhone 11 will be moved to the phone's top bezel.

This change in design will help Apple increase the much-required screen to body ratio by decreasing the notch's width significantly.

Looking at the picture you might wonder about the placement of the microphone. Several users on Twitter asked Jon Prosser about the same, to which he replied "Focus is mainly trying to label the hardware in the notch," but did not elaborate much on the topic.

If the rumors have it, it will be the first major change on the front that Apple has made since 2017’s iPhone X. The iPhone 12 will hence look like an upgraded version from the previous models, which can just be as important as the upgrade to the internals that the phone will be receiving.

This can be disappointing to some as Apple will be sticking to its notch design. But when you think about it totally makes sense it’s apparently unwilling to drop FACE ID in its flagship phones and the TrueDepth 3D camera that makes the working of FACE ID possible is not easily shrunk.

On the other side, Android flagship companies like Samsung, Oneplus, and Oppo are aggressively working towards eliminating the notch by bringing phones with a hole punch or a water droplet notch else going as far as to move the camera in a mechanized camera slider.

Other than a change in the notch, iPhone 12 will have flatter sides like the iPad Pro 2020 and is said to come in four different models, two being the standard and two being Pros, the smallest of them is a pleasant 5.4 inches and the largest goes up to a massive 6.7 inches.

On the back, it is expected to have a fourth sensor in the form of a LiDAR sensor joining the existing three cameras for better depth detection, it will also be 5G compatible with the new A14 Bionic powering the device.

If everything goes according to plan iPhone 12 is said to launch in September this year. However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, most of the upcoming Apple’s phones are facing a delay even after reassurance from Foxconn. Kuo also continues to say that the production of the iPhone 12 models will be delayed due to the current travel bans. Thus Apple has had to delegate more to local employees, which leads to a 1-month delay.